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Stedair® Isolation Gown Level 3

Protect your personnel with a medical liquid barrier

Stedair® TX L3

Stedair® medical liquid barriers specifically designed for protection against fluid penetration while remaining breathable and comfortable.

TYPE 1 - Polyester with ePTFE film.

Product Benefits

  • Resistant to penetration of fluids
  • Wash durable - 75 wash sterilization cycles
  • High breathability

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  • Verify all the equipment to be sure that there is no sharp object which could damage the fabric.
  • Do not overload the equipment; 75-80% of the capacity is optimal.
  • Temperature should not exceed 140ºF for washing operations.
  • Do not use Sodium Hypochlorite (beaching agent) as a disinfecting agent, use Hydrogen Peroxide (35%) in a concentration of 150 ppm, PH 10.5 maximum.
  • High pressure extractor unit of type single stage plunger can damage fabrics made with Stedair® TX L3
  • Avoid excessive high temperature, or too much drying during the process. Make sure that you have an adequate cooling period and fold goods immediately aſter finishing drying to avoid wrinkling.
  • Sterilization temperature should not exceed 270ºF. It is highly recommended to implement a Quality
  • Assurance program to ensure ongoing reliability in the performance of product containing Stedair® TX L3. Do not iron.