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Precise and fast counting of your instrumental park


Reduce Your Instrumental Park Cost


Create a Unique



Maximize your Instrument


Improve Your Resource Utilization Now

Know the precise state of your instruments

Allows you to set a predetermined or custom instrument evaluation status to each instrument such as: good, to repair, to replace.

A sub-category is also presented to indicate what type of repair is required.

Customize your tray

Real-time optimization and customization of your instrument placement on the tray.

Simplify your replenishment


Identify missing instruments for each instance of tray recipe, and for MDRD’s manager to optimize the OR’s procedures schedule.

Start improving your facility's operations now


Unique Database

Developed to answer specific hospital needs, ChronoInventory creates a unique database in which each medical device is listed in its instrument set or individually in a datasheet with full description, pictures and evaluation status.


Precise Filtering

Database information can be sorted and filtered to quickly obtain statistics and an overview of trays and instruments with a very easy, user-friendly and innovative interface.