ATMS Health

A Medical Device Asset Management

In an era of digitalization, a traceability software that improves workflow efficiency is more crucial than ever. 


$33 billion

Is the annual HAI cost to healthcare facilities


Inventory Problems

Most hospitals don’t know how many instruments they own


Loss of Devices

Are estimated to be at

least 10%


HAI Problems

1.7 million American patients get infected annually


“We are pleased to announce that ATMS has been awarded the mandate to replace the old traceability software at the Jewish General Hospital of Montreal. The implementation of our ChronoSteril software within the organization will allow employees to have real-time traceability of their instrument sterilization process."

Jewish General Hopistal

"ATMS has obtained a new contract to implement #ChronoSteril traceability software for the dental hygiene clinic at Cégep Édouard-Montpetit. Thank you to Cégep Édouard-Montpetit for your trust."

Cégep Édouard Mont-Petit

Our Mission :

Contribute to an elevated healthcare standard by minimizing infection risks, improving quality control & inventory management.

What Do We Offer?

Softwares that can be integrated in any establishment and compatible with HIS.


  • Tracks & traces each medical device
  • Records data history & generates reports
  • Eliminates costly insurance liabilities
  • Simple to adopt & learn


  • Precise & fast counting of your instrumental park
  • Creates a unique database
  • Individual instrument evaluation
  • Pinpoints missing instruments


  • Tracks & manages individually your endoscopes
  • The traceability by user and by procedure
  • Save on repurchasing and repairs
  • Manages logistics

Why Choose Our Products?

ATMS products can help you attain a higher safety standard for your patients


Boost procedure performance

through automation


Retain control over the use, maintenance and return of loaned instruments


Our products are malleable and can adapt easily to your needs


Consistent accuracy in processing your items


Optimize your team's work environment


Improve your patient's safety

Our Partners

UBI Solutions


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Based in Montreal, ATMS specializes in the development of IT solutions that enable complete individual traceability of medical devices, surgical linens in healthcare facilities and central laundries. ATMS traceability software allows for quality control, infection control, and inventory control to meet hygiene and operational logistics standards. ATMS has collaborated on several projects involving audit and analysis of reprocessing procedures, as well as asset management of your instrumental fleet.